Chaos Aftermath - Subtopia (2002) {ReMastered}

by Chaos Aftermath

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16-Tracks Total, 13 avail for preview.


released September 23, 2002

Album from my old "Futuristic Metal" (Melodic Death/Thrash) Band, released in 2002.
release date unknown
Composed and Produced by Jun Aeondrift

VinodSeer(DimensionalPhaseGenerator) [Demo Tracks]



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Aeondrift Perth, Australia

Avant-Garde Progressive Electro Metal, telling a tale of dark futuristic sci-fi fantasy. Drawing inspirations from old Japanese 8-bit/16-bit games such as megaman and JRPG titles, and Japanese Anime OSTs, with influences from genres such as Nintendo-Core, Djent, Metal and Rock.

A solo project by Jun Aeondrift, from the Futuristic Metal band, Chaos Aftermath.
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Track Name: Time of the Awakening
Lyrics by JunAD

Mankind and their technologies, have advanced at an astounding rate. Over the years, progressed far beyond our forefathers could ever imagine. Infinite space, infinite possibilities, we've searched, looking up to the sky! A new discovery has just been made. One that surpasses all!

The moment of truth has come! (AHHH!) We had waited so long, for this day, THE TIME OF THE AWAKENING! Welcome to the future! A day to rejoice, a day to celebrate. So welcome to the future, and witness the making of history!

Do you believe me now? Years of searching has finally come to an end! Encoded signals, sent by them. A hidden message? Or is it something else? This is the day, the day, to be remembered! They have finally responded to our calls. We have just made, FIRST CONTACT!

It is...A Blueprint...For some kind of machine. Not knowing...its purpose...Unable to comprehend what it is. AND SO WE BUILT IT!!!

[Teams of engineers and scientists, working together. Combining their expertise, the best of talents, a selected few. For an important task, that may change the lives of all. The whole new chapter of mankind. A day that would be remembered.] Narrator - JunAD

(Simple solo by JunAD)

We are venturing into the unknown...
[It is a trap lying waiting for eons.. a portal to initiate..
for an invasion by the ancient race of the Lividitium]
Track Name: Subtopia
[Composed by JunAD | Performed by Chaos Aftermath]

Lyrics by Dani Enemiko

The city where nightmare incubates. So radiated you'll probably mutate. Aerials were the clouds of sulphate. An existing hell just to formulate.

A welcome so warm that you'll simply dehydrate. Stench of rust causes your mind to agitate. Contaminated, life slowly disintegrates. An excursion to be a mutant advocate.

The city where life is lost and souls are at a cost. For the mistakes that are endorsed, all end up in remorse.

Where the almighty is a myth and vile is what you breath. Indulge in your worst phobia and take a stroll down Subtopia

A language so incomprehensible. Ugliness inconceivable. Embellishing the incipient will aggravate the unchangeable.

The aftermath of a colossal apocalypse. Where monstrosity of the future's incognito creeps. A huge radius off the aerospace. Or agony and regret you will embrace. Grammar enhanced so divine. Vocabulary of sophisticated death's design. Attempt to elude and leave all behind. Till Subtopia withdraws a line.

Into Subtopia! A gazetteer of time. Where all are aged and ancient and where words don't seem to rhyme.

[The idea behind the sound effects: An intense race (think starwars pod-racing =P) is going on in this futuristic city. The crowd is cheering them on in the distant background, whist Chaos Aftermath plays-on on a levitating platform. - JunAD]
Track Name: Lividitium [FREE DOWNLOAD]
[Composed by JunAD | Performed by Chaos Aftermath]

Lyrics by Seelan

Enter the parallel plane where human thoughts are completely erased. Where the system, takes you in and sucks your life-force with a thousand pins. You are subdued to forget yourself, and as reality fades you are severed by another blade.

Millions more, the world awaits. Pre-programmed deconstruction, digital resurrection. Never to cease, till mankind is erased. Total obliteration of the lower life-forms. Continuous, progression of pain. Sequenced eradication, incessant transformation. Conversion of man into machine. To serve the system, to slave the system!

Lifeless they stand before the colossal ultramind. Cyborgs in rows. Millions! The population harvested. Mechanised, indoctrined, to follow specified instruction. Controlled to search for the remaining, MAN MUST INHABIT NO MORE!

It breads, extracting all that the earth has left. It needs, to erase their existence to develop its own. And to induce destruction that will clone. Implanting seeds of pain so divine. It enshadows the earth, the ultramind...LIVIDITIUM!!!

(Solo performed by JunAD)
Track Name: Falling Deeper
[Composed by JunAD | Performed by Chaos Aftermath]

Lyrics by JunAD

You're falling! Falling deeper.
Unable to move, you're falling deeper into the void!


Its a great massive web. Its masters are feeding. You could be just next. There is no way to escape!

World of virtual reality, where nothing is real. Its a reprogrammed reality, in a most twisted design.
They rip out your mind, tearing at your soul.
You wish you were never born, but there is (absolutely) nothing you can do! Ahhhh!!!

A great massive trap. Its victims unsuspecting. Billions caught within. There is no way to escape.

Now listen to me! LISTEN TO ME! None of this is real, its all just in your mind.
Can't you hear me? Wake up! WAKE UP!
You're falling deeper! Falling into virtual madness!
You're falling deeper into virtual madness!

And you're still falling. Falling ever deeper still. Unable to move, you're falling deeper into the void.


A great massive trap. Its victims unsuspecting. Billions caught within. There is no way to escape!

Now listen to me. LISTEN TO ME! None of this is real, its all just in your mind!
So wake up, from this coma! Why can't you hear me?


World of virtual reality, where nothing is real. A reprogrammed reality in a most twisted design. They rip out your mind, tearing at your soul. And you wish you were in hell!

[Falling helplessly into the jaws of a monster. You see many of yourselves but none of them were real. And you're sill falling ever deeper. Spinning aimlessly. A demon's waiting beneath this bottomless pit.] Narrator - (Left - Dani | Right - JunAD)

This bottomless-pit. The torture will never end. Falling deeper still, you're falling DEEPER INTO VIRTUAL MADNESS!
Track Name: Pathfinder Probes (Noise Trk)
2 probes ejects from the ship to explore the strange colossal space-wreckage ahead...What would they find inside (at the very end?)

[Composed by JunAD]
Track Name: Beyond the Event Horizon..
[Composed by JunAD | Performed by Chaos Aftermath]

Lyrics by JunAD

Cruising at many light years away from a planet called EARTH, (at) our galaxy prime
In solitude we have always been alone. For generations, in search of home.

Lost beyond the known space of man. At the 28th sector of the Omega Quadrant.

Unknown to us, as to where we're heading. Voyaging through the unknown blindly. For centuries, our ancestors have journeyed. To continue their legacy we must!

The space, so vast and wide, are we pursuing an endless journey?

A quantum signature of a super-massive black-hole, about 12 thousand solar masses, is being picked up by our scanners. At 32 light years away, radiating immense x-rays, at the centre of a gigantic nebula.

The space, so vast and wide, infinite possibilities yet to be discovered.
The massive black-hole, infinite entropy within. Charging up the engines, preparing to investigate.

At 20 times the speed of light, we warped through space. Gradually moving in closer, almost 2 solar years have past (only several minutes in relative to the people within). Increasing energy to shields to make our final jump. Finally closing in, our destination has been reached.

The ship is now revolving at 400km away. With an energy field shielding it from the tidal force. But its anti-graviton generator is failing!

Unable to withstand its pull, the ship gets dragged uncontrollably into the event horizon. Being pulled towards the point of no return.

Emerging into a whole new universe, we have just went past the event horizon!
Track Name: Clash of the Sentinels
[Composed by JunAD | Performed by Chaos Aftermath]

Lyrics by Dani Enemiko

Sentinels rising as they enter the realm.
With 10inch calibres, programmed to rebel.
Titanium torso, chromium plated helm.
Ready to gatecrash the final party in hell.

They Clash!
Inflammation as they both collide.
The cacophony so harmonified.
The ultimate genocide!
The final lines of code as they last recite...AS THEY CLASH!!!

Sand-roaming titans in formation.
Creating the vibrant semitones of war.
Calamitous chaos, oppressive fury.
Performing their cadenza as the napalms pour!

Gatling rounds of armour piercing bullets.
Endless crossfire of the heavy metal mercs.
Dodging plasma enduring malfunction.
A demonstration of a great destructive force...AS THEY CLASH!!!

(Simple background tremolo solo/accompaniment by JunAD)

[The future of mankind depends on their creation. Every command, a critical decision. Either outcome is a need for salvation. Earth's reconstruction? Or the end of evolution?] Narrator - (Dani)
Track Name: Wormhole Encounter (Noise Trk)
"..Charging up the engines, preparing to investigate!" - Beyond the Event Horizon
Track Name: Planetarium (Instrumental)

An exploration-class ship voyages through space in search for habitable planets for the expansion of the Terran empire.

It's name? ~ The Planetarium.

- JunAD
Track Name: Verisimilitude Infinitus (Demo Trk)
[Composed by JunAD | Performed by Chaos Aftermath]

Lyrics by JunAD and Seelan

Verisimilitude infinitus - state digitised, personified.
In the vindictive man-made core, where the people feed the lie!

A faculty of hypocrisy, cloaked by mephitic truth.
Defected believes unquestioned. For how long will this last?
A faculty of hypocrisy cloaked by mephitic truth.
Defected believes, unquestioned.
In the utopia, BEHOLD THE LIE!

Servants of the hierarchy. Is this what we have become?
Mankind enslaved for eternality, can we ever escape from this?


[But from high above, the earth seems barren. A forsaken wasteland. An urban deadland.]
Narrator - (JunAD)

(Melodic lead phrases/accompaniments, and the ending solo by JunAD)

(Tremolo-Solo by Vinod)
Track Name: Zero Tolerance (Demo Trk)
Music composed by Vinod
Lyrics by JunAD and Seelan

I'm trapped inside a circuitry prison.
Binding my flesh to an emotionless cell.
Is there no release for a life that yearns to live?
An anger concealed. Awaiting release!

Zero Tolerance!!! A chaotic force, unleashing insanity!
Zero Tolerance!!! A surge of madness, overwhelming me!

Don't you realise that you're also one of them?
Suppressing human minds, re-manufacturing our soules.
Unable to handle, unable to hold, LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

(Solo by Vinod)
(Guitars performed by JunAD)
Track Name: Orthopositronium Collider Engine (Noise Trk)
"Silent music of space growing louder, humming its rhythmic tune.
Slowly grinding to a halt, the starship decelerates." - Quantum Collapse
Track Name: Quantum Collapse (Demo Trk)
[Composed by JunAD | Performed by Chaos Aftermath]

Lyrics by JunAD

"Planetarium" describes the mission designated to the ship, Leviathan.

"Beyond the Event Horizon" took place centuries later, when the coordinates back to Earth was lost after a hostile alien encounter that had nearly wiped out the Leviathan and its inhabitants.


Massive dark structure of emaniting light upon steel, through the vast galactic sea, unexplored.
In solitude it travels through the Stygian-space. The majestic networks of metals, frozen cold. Came crushing through the vacuums of never-ending. Gliding, unstoppable, rampaging through "static" matters. Its engine vibrating with calm pulsating harmonics. (It is the) home to a civilisation of countless within!

Silent music of space growing louder, humming its rhythmic tune.
Slowly grinding to a halt, the starship decelerates.

It lay, motionless and silent! Thousand of kilometres wide it spans, (it is) so grand and magnificent!
Static in time, frozen with the void. In preparing for a leap through space.

Charging up, strange vibrations, a burst of brilliant light!
An immense force, distorted space, spiralling vortex whirlpool transpires!

Immense! Vortex! Spiralling! Transpire, a violent burst of energy!
Massive! Structure! Emanating! Rampaging through the vast galactic sea.

Space-time! Distorts! Tidal force unleashed! Intense curvature, by an invoked gravitational field.
Linked! Inter-connected, and unknowing where it will lead. Through the infinite of space, many light years away!
Fabric of space, (is) stretched and torn apart. A wormhole, the portal, of a QUANTUM COLLAPSE!

Journeying swiftly through the wide spiralling tunnel. Plasmas and strange clouds of colours encircled all around.
Effects of time-dilation, amplified to the extreme. Through the light years, the ship has passed!

Accelerating through the centre of the wormhole, the horizontal of the ship stretches. Enter and sucked into the vortex, the portal evaporates behind!

(Solo by Vinod)

A portal burst from a singularity and materialised. Thousands of kilometres wide it spans, (it is) so grand and magnificent!
Emerging from the realm of the "Quantum Collapse", a new destination to explore.
Massive dark structure of emanating light upon steel, home to a civilisation of countless within.
Track Name: Technological Progressions (EBM Bonus Trk)
Bonus Track
Track Name: Centris Core Degeneration (Zone-51) (EBM Trk)
Hidden Bonus Track